Young Horse Challenge Grand Final

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  • 15 Mar, 2014
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  • 16 Mar, 2014
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Young horse challenge grand final

Final competiton from the criterium of 6 competitions: 3 in De Pluimert (Bocholt) and 3 in Sentower Park (Opglabbeek). To have been qualified for this final on 15th and 16th March 2014 in Sentower Park one must have participated in at minimum 2 competitions in Bocholt and 2 competitions in Opglabbeek.
View DOCUMENTS for more information and conditions.

Extra prizse GRAND FINAL:

4year old horses:
500euro extra to divide between double clear combinations

5year old horses:
1st prize: 500euro, 2nd prize: 250euro, 3rd prize: 150euro, etc.

6/7 year old horses;
1st prize: 750euro, 2nd prize: 375euro, 3rd prize: 200euro, etc.

Sponsored by handelsstal De Pluimert

Friday there will be ridden on arena 1. The classes of arena 2 will start after the classes of arena 1 on arena 1.
Class 4-90cm will start at approximately 15u on arena 1!

Inscriptions Grand Final Young Horse Challenge

Next week from 14th until 16th March the last practice show of this winterseason will take place in Sentower Park. With on Saturday the Semi Final of the Young Horse Challenge and on Sunday the GRAND FINAL of the Young Horse Challenge.

The qualified riders (view Documents by the concerning event) for the semi final of the Young Horse Challenge 2013-2014 can inscribe via mail: from 3rd March until 12th March.

These qualified riders may ride maximum 6 horses per class. These horse do NOT need to have participated in de selection shows, only the rider.

Please mention the name of the horse with its father and mother of father with the inscripton. A copy of the studbook papers must be mailed or be presented in the show secretariat before the start of the class, in case it hasn't be given on previous selection shows.

More information on the practice show and Young Horse Challenge can be found by the concerning Event.

Special act between the finals of the Young Horse Challenge of 'De Panhof Ruiters'.
A dressage act with Belgian draft horses accompanied with the right ambiance.


Friday 14/03: practice show  
Arena 1 Start 9u   Arena 1 Start +/- 13u30
1A: 120cm     4B: 90cm
2A: 130cm   5B: 100cm
3A:140cm   6B: 110cm
Saturday 15/03      
Arena 1: YHC   Arena 2: practice show
7A: semi final 4-years old 11B: 95cm
8A: semi final 5-years old 12B: 105cm
9A: semi final 6-years old 13B: 115cm
10A: semi final 7-years old 14B: 125cm
Sunday 16/03      
Arena 1: YHC   Arena 2: practice show
9u30: 15A: Final 4-years old 19B: 90cm
10u30: 16A: Final 5-years old 20B: 100cm
14u: 17A: Final 6-years old 21B: 110cm
16u30: 18A: Final 7-years old 22B: 120cm

Sponsored by handelsstal De Pluimert