Gold League

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  • 04 Aug, 2017
  • max.
  • 06 Aug, 2017
  • Equestrian
  • Others

Gold league

Cavalor proudly presents you the national show 'Gold League'. Participating on this show requieres a Belgian license starting of J08*. Foreign riders can become a weekend license by email  (€100/rider for the weekend).

Stabling of horses is possible for the rate of €90 per horse, per weekend or €35/day including first bedding (shavings).


Friday 4 August
Pr 1: 120cm 
Pr 2: 130cm 
Pr 3: 140cm

Saturday 5 August
Pr 4: 120cm 
Pr 5: 130cm 
Pr 6: 140cm 

Sunday 6 August
Pr 7: 125cm 
Pr 8: 135cm 
Pr 9: 145GP 

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