Tutti Cosi - Quality Time + Online tickets

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  • 13 Mei, 2017
  • max.
  • 14 Mei, 2017
  • Non equestrian
  • Others

Tutti cosi - quality time + online tickets

With pride we present to you the very first edition of the TUTTI-COSI exhibition of 13 tem 14 May.

“It's all about quality-time"

On the domains of Sentower Park in Opglabbeek (BE) we introduce you to this new event for the first time, hopefully we may welcome you as well!

"A unique concept, adapted to the interests of the current society" 

During this weekend, we want to offer everyone an attractive exhibition. We will do this by presenting these main aspects to you:

"It's all about quality-time!": everyone today is increasingly looking for some quality-time. This can be done through the realization of great things such as travel, grow, living decor, garden decoration, invest in alternative energy etc... but more and more also by smaller things such as a leisure bike or a gift for partner or kids, a pleasant day out or a dinner,..

We are recruiting the right exhibitors related to the theme. By the mobilization of many local traders, and place advertising in numerous journals, we will make sure everyone has pleasant day.

To give this exhibition some extra dynamics and entertainment, there will be held an international horse competition. This jumping is not just a normal jumping, but is more often called the "Champions League of the youth contesters". The best young (<25j) Horsemen of the world should defend the colors of their flag to achieve the title of Nations Cup 2017.

Practical information:

Presale tikets: 8 EUR   /    General sale: 10 EUR

The exhibition is opened: Saturday from 10am till 8 pm & Sunday from 10h till 18h.



More info about visit or participation in Tutti Cosi? Please feel free to contact us via this mail.