Young Horse Challenge

Event Info

  • 25 Jan, 2014
  • Equestrian
  • Andere

Young horse challenge

4th competiton from the criterium of 6 competitions: 3 in De Pluimert (Bocholt) and 3 in Sentower Park (Opglabbeek). To qualify for the final on 15th and 16th March 2014 in Sentower Park one must have participated in at minimum 2 competitions in Bocholt and 2 competitions in Opglabbeek.

Day 2: Saturday 25/01  
Arena A: Young Horse Challenge
Starting hour: 8am
Arena B: Practice Show
Starting hour: 9am
 7A: 4 years old 11B: 95cm
 8A: 5 years old 12B: 105cm
 9A: 6 years old 13B: 115cm
10A: 7 years old 14B: 125cm

Extra prize GRAND FINAL:

4year old horses:
500euro extra to divide between double clear combinations

5year old horses:
1st prize: 500euro, 2nd prize: 250euro, 3rd prize: 150euro, etc.

6/7 year old horses;
1st prize: 750euro, 2nd prize: 375euro, 3rd prize: 200euro, etc.

Sponsored by handelsstal De Pluimert